Andy's story is our story.

All his life, Andy sought out and worked with others to overcome insurmountable challenges -- including the most challenging route attempted on Mt. Everest. On his 13 expeditions to South America, China, India, Nepal and Tibet, he climbed to the extremes of joy and experienced the depths of human loss. As an Eagle Scout, Alaskan oil field roughneck, international business leader, Federal Reserve lawyer, filmmaker and mountaineer, his message was always the same: Nothing is impossible.

That’s still what Andy would tell you, if he could speak with the eloquence he once had. In 2009, Andy was diagnosed with Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s disease. While the health professionals, caregivers and friends who surround him share his optimistic attitude, Andy is now climbing his final mountain…and it’s one for all of us.

In the film, discussions by prominent medical researchers, clinicians, lawyers, ethicists, politicians and economists will shed light on personal and heart-wrenching stories told by Andy’s family, friends, climbing partners and colleagues. 

View our photo reel for an inside look at Andy's adventures and the film's production.